DH Solar-Dual Axis "Tracker"

DH Solar-Dual Axis "Tracker"
DH Solar has developed a premium, heavy-duty, PV system that is based on a product that we have been manufacturing for the satellite industry for over 25 years. It does not search for the sun, but rather "tracks" the known arc of the sun as it moves across the sky---and returns at midnight for the next morning. Unlike conventional systems, the "Solar-Tracker" is 40% more efficient because it follows the sun's arc---keeping the panels pointed at the source of the generated energy all day every day.
The heart of the system is our new adjustable frame which is balanced for nearly effortless moving---and that allows for panels of any size or brand to be mounted on it. Our USA-made controller is fully programmable. By combining the energy generated from several Trackers, systems tie into the grid and have the potential to power entire neighborhoods or schools or industrial facilities.

With moderate conservation measures, ONE Tracker can generate enough electricity to power an average family's home---while selling excess power back to the electric company! No batteries. Long warranties. Safe, self-sustaining power from a nearly inexhaustible source....the sun.
Whether you need one tracker for your home, or 20 for your school, DH Solar can supply the best systems available.

~ Power outputs up to 40% higher
~ Ground-mounted so it doesn't require roof penetration or repairs
~ More flexibility in placement to avoid shadowing
~ Grid-tie installation means NO BATTERIES
~ Accommodates all brands of panels
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